Photography Workshops

Our photography workshops, based in North Conway, NH, cover the fundamentals of photography with easy-to-understand instruction and tips guaranteed to improve your photography skills! Beneficial for all levels of photography.





Upcoming Workshops

A dSLR camera is best for most photography workshops however point-and-shoot cameras can also be used. A tripod is recommended.

Please note that a small amount of walking and driving will be needed for each workshop in order to reach the fullest potential of each class.

One-on-one, or private classes for small groups are also available by appointment. Please use the form below for requests.


» Winter Landscapes Photography Workshop - $59 Half-day (4 hrs)
How to capture stunning winter landscape photographs like the pros! Limited space available…

» Sunrise & Sunsets Photography Workshop - $59 Half-day (3.5 hrs)
What you need to know to nail down amazing “Golden-Hour” photographs!

» Dreamy Streams, Lakes and Waterfalls - $59 Half-day (3.5 hrs)
On-location instruction to capture award-winning photographs

» Capturing Brilliant Fall Foliage - $59 Half-day (3.5 hrs)
How the pros capture postcard-perfect photographs of New England fall foliage

» Post-Processing Your Digital Photography 
An 8-week, “in-classroom” course using Adobe Elements and Photoshop with instruction on post processing digital files.

Workshops offer hands-on instruction in the field, with demonstrations, group discussions, question-and-answer sessions, and plenty of one-on-one assistance as you meet, share, and learn from fellow nature photographers.

Workshops will help to de-mystify terms and options such as exposure, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO, metering, as well as AI Servo and other Auto Focus modes.

Our workshops will also provide you with better insight into composition and explain certain elements that will greatly improve your overall vision and understanding of the photography process.

The courses provide benefits for both beginners and intermediate enthusiasts and not only ensures better photographs, but more of them!

Please feel free to to ask questions about our workshops!